My roomate has a podcast #1

My roomate has a podcast #1

My roommate Hunter runs a podcast called encyclopedia podcastica. Its purpose is to explain how things work. If you listen to his podcast you will experience him explaining the information to his audience but what you don’t experience is the learning process. I am his roommate so I experience this part of the process and the things that come up can be pretty strange sometimes. I am going to tell the stories here, I guess I will start off with one of the funnier examples:

(When I quote our conversations I am not quoting exact statements but I am trying to tell a story)

Hunter- “Dude, I want to put a cd in the microwave.”

Me- “Please don’t put a cd in my microwave.”

Hunter- “But it will be cool.”

Me- “Won’t it break the microwave?!”

Hunter- “No it will be fine… I think.”

Hunter- “Besides it’s only going to be in for a few seconds.”

Me- “Ok, but if you break my fancy microwave you buy me a new one.”

Hunter puts cd in microwave. The cd lit up and sparked for a second then the microwave turned off. He only put it in for a few seconds.

Hunter- [Squeals like a little girl] “OH MY GOD THAT WAS SOOO COOL!” Shifting around because he is wayyy too excited about this.

This silly little exchange was entertaining. I can’t tell you when but I will have more posted in the future but they will come eventually.

In the meantime check out my roommates cool educational podcast:

Encyclopedia Podcastica: (also on itunes)



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