SoulCalibur’s Future: My Rant

SoulCalibur’s Future: My Rant

In this video I rant and complain about SoulCalibur’s next installment.

Note that my most popular videos are SoulCalibur related!

No one wants to see SoulCalibur in this shape. I don’t only speak for myself when I say people really want a new game. 

I personally loved SoulCalibur V more than the last two games. It had a much more technical and competitive outlook on the more fun and loose aspects of its predecessors.

After discussions with a few members of the community I do realize that a large portion of the player base would like to switch back the more “fun”, faster, and open ended gameplay that SoulCalibur II & III offered. I also encountered many players who do not like SoulCalibur V’s meter system.

Many of the SoulCalibur fanbase really enjoyed the corny but engaging stories that the games offered in the past. SCV denied the fans this pleasure with one of the worst story modes I have seen in a game ever. It was one of those things that makes you think “why did they even bother.” That being said, I would personally prefer that they spent less time on “modes” and more time on gameplay but sometimes it is clear that fans come first. I would ultimately prefer that popular appeal is held so this franchise can continue to follow us into the future.

Many may argue that it would make sense to just let the series leave on a positive note and not when the franchise has been sucked dry to the point that the games are awful and disappointing wastes of effort, time, money, and resources. I would agree with that but I believe there is still potential for attempts at greatness, especially with how great fighting games are doing on our next gen console of choice, the PS4.

My main hope is that they stop teasing us and just make an announcement. Hopefully EVO 2017 is when they decide to let us in on something new and exciting.

I share sentiments with many others:

Also just doing a quick look down any SoulCalibur facebook page’s comments or searching SoulCalibur VI in google will show you that there is at least a big enough loud and vocal audience that the demand for a new game is apparent.


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